Property and Finance Update - Autumn

With 2018 in full swing perhaps it’s time to revisit some of your financial goals?
What should you know BEFORE you start investing in property?
Our quarterly question explores helpful insights from a property investor of over 25 years. If you’re a first time investor – or know someone who is – reading these great tips may speed up your strategy while avoiding mistakes. Read more... 
Is upsizing on your wish list?
As our lives and family dynamics change, often so do our housing needs. If you would like the lowdown on moving up to a larger property with confidence make sure you read this article. Read more...
Selling and buying… Do you need to bridge the gap?
If you happen to find your ‘new’ property before you have sold your ‘old’ property our article on bridging finance may help you explore your finance options. Read more...
The cost of pets… Are you patting your deposit?
Now we all love our furry friends but have you ever considered just exactly how much they cost us? You might be surprised! Read it and weep (but go and give your precious friend a big hug anyway). Read more...
Are you a successful saver? Try our six saving tips!
Some of us are good savers… and some of us aren’t. So what steps do you need to take to become a successful saver? Reading our top six tips might be a very helpful start. Read more...
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With your best interest in mind...
Mark MacNab
Are you a Reluctant Refinancer?

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