Your Interest Rate may not be what it seems...

At a time of almost constant (even daily) changes in the finance world - and an absolute overload of information online - it’s easy to see why so...
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How do we get our Finances under Control?

We often observe clients (especially busy parents juggling careers and kids) leaving management of their finances on the back burner. M...
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Changes to the finance industry WILL affect you

You have probably noticed in recent months that financial institutions have started to increase interest rates independently of the Reserve Bank's dec...
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Property Investment - The power is in your Equity

Property investment has long been one of the more successful strategies to achieve financial independence, and yet statistics show only about 20% of u...
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Understanding Capital Gains Tax

​ It is that taxing time of the year again!  If you are a property owner and/or property investor there are various tax considerations you need t...
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Change is Coming to Australia's superannuation system as of 1 July. Super!

Okay, so maybe you're thinking that retirement for you is a long way off? Should you be worried?  A recent study 1 found up to 50% of older worki...
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