From finance rejection to $60k more available for you to borrow. How does that work?

If you applied for a home or investment loan in the last 12 months or more you may have been rejected because of outdated serviceability criteria.Well...
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Spending Habits Exposed!

Big brother is watching you. Did you know that your daily spending habits could be the difference between securing your loan…or not?This tim...
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Property and Finance Update - Autumn

With 2018 in full swing perhaps it’s time to revisit some of your financial goals? What should you know BEFORE you start investing in property? &...
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Are you a Reluctant Refinancer?

Research shows nearly half of all Australian homeowners have never refinanced1.It’s interesting that when our insurance renewals arrive many of us tak...
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Your Interest Rate may not be what it seems...

At a time of almost constant (even daily) changes in the finance world - and an absolute overload of information online - it’s easy to see why so...
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Changes to the finance industry WILL affect you

You have probably noticed in recent months that financial institutions have started to increase interest rates independently of the Reserve Bank's dec...
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